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Two nurses enter the room, trying to calm Belle down.) [9][10], David Cassilo on the SLAM Magazine blog described the film as mainly being Divac's story about dealing with the division that comes between him (a Serb) and all of the Croats that were once his teammates on the Yugoslavian national team, praising it as a must-see for any NBA fan because "within the main story is the story of how an international player adjusts to the NBA. I won't do it. I ate my boyfriend. I think you're a bleedin' cracker. Emma: I just think I might be able to put your mind at ease. I was in an accident. Ice Sore/Transcript. It's not even a fairytale. The Day of the Dragon/Transcript. Alphonse: It's really you. Together they enter the lobby.) Just listen. As he opens it, his father turns to him) Feb 14, 2023 Sarah Roberts, left, a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Norman, hugs Wendi Young, her little, after hearing she won Big of the Year on Monday. [18], Zoran utura, a four-time participant in major competitions with Yugoslavia (three of those coming with both Divac and Petrovi) refused to watch the movie, opining that it's "pointless, needless, and meaningless" while adding: "Personal friendships and internal relations within a sports team are a category that's very difficult to grasp and understand for an outsider, and I see no point in trying to explain them rationally. Just one of many things in it that are not accurate is the whole flag thing. When did the International Olympic Committee allow professional players to compete in the games? Victor: You shouldn't have come looking for me. (Dr. Whale nods and leaves the room.) But I - I know it's not legal in Maine. (looks at Ruby) Now I'm gonna go do this thing. Victor: (shakes his head) No. Mary Margaret: We could answer it, just let her know he's okay. Mary Margaret: Ten thousand! Gerhardt: (addressing the carter) Go! Regina: Nervous? You need to go and take your cup. (placing a hand on Gerhardt's shoulder.) Ruby: Dr. Whale? (laughs) I guess they're right about that. Forget it. Ruby: He's alive. In this documentary, we delve into the heart of this issue, exploring the causes and con. It was her father's. Regina: I think it's not all right. Emma: Keep smiling, buddy. Rumplestiltskin: (points at Victor) You're missing the point. Home Invasions 15. I mean the (pauses) the damage was pretty minor. That storytelling mission has been carried out through a variety of short and long-form programming, including acclaimed documentaries. Their friendship is sadly tainted by the outbreak of war in the Balkans and their ethnic differences. But with the fall of the Soviet Union on Christmas Day 1991, Yugoslavia split up. The name Frankenstein is going to stand for life. Victor: (wary) A foreigner? (He leaves the room, walking past the shards.). Greg: Honey. So know this, and know it to be true. David: What's going on? Oh, yes, I forgot the nearly half a million dollars they spent on a chicken wing restaurant in New Jersey. (points to strangers car) Take care of him. Together we won the silver medal at the 1988 Olympics, followed by first-place finishes at the European and World Championships it seemed no one could stop us. My rosy complexion? Leroy: I'd like to know that myself! I was just stretching my legs. Emma: It's okay. The Explorers Club/Transcript. Where's Cora? Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band. And I never should have made you marry the king. I. I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future/Transcript. Dr. Whale: Don't come near me. Gerhardt: (recognizing his brother ) Vic-tor? Did I miss it all? (Emma walks over to his table and hands Greg a glass of water with a straw). Dr. Whale: He'll live. (Gerhardt shakes his head.) I meant everything I said earlier. View source History Talk (0) Cinematic Trailer (The trailer starts where the car is driving by passing the bridge where the party is. If you can do this, I wanna know more and I'm willing to pay. [00:02:33] Alphonse: Open yours, Victor. Where I live it's strong and hearty. (The soldier fires a shot. David: I don't think so. Leroy: Well Ray drugged his vict Putin: A Russian Spy Story is a 3 part documentary miniseries that reveals how Vladimir Putin managed to make his way from being an unremarkable KGB recruit to one of the most powerful men in the wor Why The Industrial Revolution Happened Here. Emma: He's not okay. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. We're going to town. Emma: Well, you were driving. Mary Margaret: But we've been doing this together. The Smash Brothers Technology - 240 min - 8.58 Made out of nine short episodes, this documentary. I think you should, too. Emma: As soon as the doctor clears you. Once Brothers is a 2010 sports documentary film written and directed by Michael Tolajian. Mom? Dr. Whale: Yeah. David: That's probably true. ), Victor: (opens the cell's door and enters) Gerhardt? (shouting) It can work! typical croat most have the nazi gene defect. Mom? Keep it. (David claps Whale on the shoulder) Connor_Wakefield. And I'm the werewolf. I- It just seemed like everything- (surprised) You knew? Is he okay? Dr. Whale: Right. Victor: (walks over to Igor and grips him on the shoulder) Bring back the equipment. Don't worry about me. Emma: Yeah. (He hugs Regina) Ruby: I've been tracking her, but no luck. He's still recovering. Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac grew up sharing the common bond of basketball. Ruby: So whatever's kept random people from stumbling into Storybrooke for the last twenty-eight years You don't want their love at all. I'll let you go with a warning this time. NBA EntertainmentvDion CocorosDanny Meiseles Mr. Gold: No. A beeping sound can be heard nearby.) She has her own agenda. Emma: Gold, are you insane?! He is dressed in red clothing which has kept its coloring. We were in a store, and a guy in that store told us to put our uniforms on. Mr. Gold: I expected this was just a matter of time. Honey, you not gonna believe what I saw. Igor: Of course, Doctor. Alphonse: Thank you, Gerhardt. Treatment care coordinator, dial the ICU nurses' station. Cora: And I want my daughter back. (Gerhardt gets up on his feet and lunges at Alphonse and throws him down to the floor. Euphoria. Rumplestiltskin: What tipped you off? (Mary Margaret nods. "For Mommy." Cora: I haven't had the pleasure. Regina: How? (Mr. Gold turns at the sound of his words) Just like Milah, crocodile (Mr. Gold approaches)when you took her from me! Mary Margaret: Leroy! How did you know? Stage of Analysis . Yes, I've seen nothing of your drab little land yet, but I am interested in your work. . Mr. Gold: My son. Dr. Whale: Oh, it's just the guy's personal effects. [18], On the other hand, Franjo Arapovi, who had also represented Yugoslavia in two major competitions1986 FIBA World Championship and 1988 Olympics, both times sharing a roster with Petrovi and Divachad a strongly negative reaction to the film, dismissing it as "pure propaganda" and questioning its truthfulness by claiming "90% of the movie is a pure lie". Gerhardt then starts to punch Alphonse, beating him up in a fury. Band of Brothers/Transcripts < Band of Brothers. Mr. Gold: I'm sorry. Look, you're Frankenstein. And they ran as fast as they could, from giant cat monsters. fathers and brothers who had died of bad blood. Mr. Gold: But you took her first. Mr. Gold: Anymore. Alphonse: Victor? (Victor leaves the room. Emma: Hook says he doesn't know where Cora is, and God knows what she's gonna do. As a young basketball player growing up in Yugoslavia, it didn't take long to realize that I had a chance to be part of something special. ), Victor: (bends over Gerhardt's body.) Cora: Darling, I have no reason to cheat you. Victor, wait. He has arranged for her to meet the director of the New York Opera Company, Herman Gottlieb (Siegfried Rumann). 3. Transcript of Dr. Jordan Peterson's Biblical Series V: Cain and Abel: The Hostile Brothers. Yes, I'm okay. Both on and off the court. He's on his feet, immortal, has magic, and you hurt his girl. Belle: I don't know what is going on! Dr. Whale: No. Let me try to get her back. The body twitches then is still again. Cora: I didn't want you to reject me. That's why you screamed at mom every fucking night. You don't need her anymore. Oh, Brother! My dear son. She doesn't remember. While we were on the national team, their [Divac's and Draen's] relationship wasn't all that close. The camera focuses on their mother's watch attached to the belt. Because of magic. ESPN's 30 for 30 "Once Brothers" follows the friendship of Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic from the Yugoslavian National team to stardom in the NBA. Mrs johnstone He said my eyes were deep blue pools My skin as soft as snow Teddy boy Lovely. David: What would Belle want you to do? kelseydrake72. Let me see. Emma: We're trying to convince this guy this place is normal. Two days later on 12 October it had its television premiere on ESPN. [1] The play was written around 1600, and several later writers have used parts of it in their own texts. (She leaves and joins the waiting group in the lobby) Let me. Mary Margret: (rises to her feet) You're back. The new heart worked. I will be right back. I don't know how. Think what they'd do to a werewolf. (The nurse turns to a nearby telephone. Rumplestiltskin: I tell you what: (turns to face Victor) I'm going to bring you a frienda master of the hat. (Again, she tries to hand the cup back to him.) NAME_ESPN 30:30 Once Brothers Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac were two friends who grew up together sharing . I will bring you back, my brother. Cora: I want you to find the one person in this universe who might still love you. I was working. Cora: It's the middle of the night. We are staying. (Camera zooms into Hook, discomfort on his face) Gerhardt grunts again and swings his hand. Belle: (takes the Chipped Cup) It's a (confused she pauses) it's a cup. The Elemental Masters/Transcript. The terrible thing is, for a moment, I believed you did it. Mary Margaret: You can't guess. He's in uniform! Alphonse: I believed you. (notices Gold) Mr. Gold. We don't need outsiders here. Band of Brothers s01e01 Episode Script Currahee We were in a store, and a guy in that store told us to put our uniforms on. Emma: Like some kind of Frankenstein? Igor: It's magic, Dr. Frankenstein. Art 202 Image Identification. I had to see you. Emma: Sheriff Swan, actually. (901) 321-3889 The Registrar's Office oversees and manages academic records, calendars, class schedules, final exam schedules and transcripts. Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic were NBA players who were friends from Yugoslavia. Their friendship ended before Petrovic was killed in a fatal car accident. I read the description of this documentary and was left with the following What does the fall of the Soviet Union have to do with Yugoslavia? Contents 1 Brennan Huff 2 Dialogue 3 Cast 4 External links Brennan Huff [ edit] (Banging Dale's snare drum with his scrotum) John Bonham 's playing Moby Dick for real! Emma: Free and clear. (smiles) Emma: Someone is looking for Greg. Amino Acids. I promise. , , . There was stuff in his car - rental agreement, maps, receipts. Emma: Then page him. Ruby: (interrupts him) That guy in the hospitalsomeone keeps calling for him. Plus I did some quality damage to my foe. official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not Alphonse: And now, I have none! I always knew. Brothers.pdf. Short Film. Henry: Mom? 1992. It shatters against the wall and broken fragments fall to the ground.) (Gerhardt is unconscious. Mr. Gold: And what do you want for this uh (looking back at the box) this peace offering? Let me. The speech has been famously portrayed by Laurence Olivier to raise British spirits during the Second World War, and by Kenneth Branagh in the 1989 film Henry V; it made famous the phrase "band of brothers". (She flips through his phone while the others look on.) Emma: No, but his pager is. Trade & Commerce Content Vocabulary. He'll probably be on his way home by morning. (Gerhardt shakes his head) I will find a way. So it's really best for all concerned if I leave, and you're going to come with me. Wait. Jolene Perry The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession. That movie got made and got praised, but a lot of it isn't true. Our net income and earnings . Contents 1 Synopsis 2 Recap 3 Cast 3.1 Starring 3.2 Guest Starring (turns around and leaves the group) Divac then left for Paris with the Lakers to play at the McDonald's Open where he was reportedly asked by Spanish newspaper As about the Yugoslav national team's appearance at the upcoming 1992 Olympics in light of Vrankovi's and Petrovi's statements that they want to play for Croatia. After conquering Europe, they both went to America where they became the first two foreign players to attain NBA stardom. Igor: (He returns, coming down the staircase) I thought you were bringing [17], Zdravko Radulovi, who had participated in two major competitions with the Yugoslav national team, 1988 Olympics in Seoul and EuroBasket 1989 in Zagreb, with Divac and Petrovi on the roster both times, revealed to have watched the film multiple times, adding: "It was a good documentary. Mary Margaret: Really, it's nothing. I'm sorry. He's going to live. and often acts his script out or attends rehearsals to improve his script. His one true love gone in an instant! (Dr. Whale puts a hand on Mr. Gold's shoulder), Gerhardt: (catching up with Victor) Victor. ), Leroy: The same person again. We were cursed. Breaking Bad. Mary Margaret: Oh, and his friends and family? Gerhardt watches him for a moment then he turns around, too. Here (Gerhardt stretches his hand out to him, offering Victor the watch) Take this. Greg: Nurse? Belle. Movie questions and answer key included. (Ruby and Mary Margaret watch the struggle in the background in shock) Welcome back, brother. (walks towards the door) As Petrovic and Divac continued to face each other on the basketball courts of the NBA, no words passed between the two. Maybe there's still some stuff you can fix. With other people coming here, that's not gonna be good for anyone. Please. Emma: Let's take this somewhere private. Mr. Gold: (refuses to take the cup and tries to hand it back to Belle) No, no, no, no. - Hank. And I know why you tried to have me killed. Using her wolf abilities, Ruby is quickly able to grab Dr. Whale by the neck of his coat before he falls in.). Rumplestiltskin: (chuckles) You know, where I come from, there are hearts that can withstand anything. Once Brothers, part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series, chronicles the relationship between Vlade Divac and Draen Petrovi, two players from the former Yugoslavia who played in the National Basketball Association of America. The Darkness Comes/Transcript. All the other things are nonsense that's not worth commenting on. Imagine That/Transcript. (hands Victor and Gerhardt small presents) After a moment he comes back, leading Gerhardt into the room. They go on to buy a $70,000 Porsche, a Jeep Cherokee, a Saab for one of their girlfriends. David: Well, let's talk to him. "Brothers by Blood" is a waiting game in which both the audience and the movie lose. Cora: Temporarily, so you could see what these people really think of you. (David, Emma, and Mary Margaret approach) First quarter net income was $191.5 million or $1.70 per share diluted, up 26% and 37%, respectively, compared to $151.9 million and $1.24 per share diluted a year ago. For all of its posturingits grimacing tough guys, their many leather coats, and the gruesome real-life mob corpses in the opening creditsthe film struggles to builds a sense of danger that makes the slow burn worth it. No, no. You were afraid that you angered me. Victor: I'm telling you, it's true. That's not my son! R. 1h 40m. Alphonse: You did it. What's the verdict? Foi co-produzido pela ESPN e pela NBA Entertainment para a srie 30 for 30 da ESPN.. O documentrio narra a relao de dois jogadores de basquetebol da IugoslviaVlade Divac e Draen Petrovi (). "Once Brothers" will tell the gripping tale of these two men, how circumstances beyond their control tore apart their friendship, and whether Divac has ever come to terms with the death of a friend before they had a chance to reconcile. Byron Pulsifer Because brothers don't let each other wander in the dark alone. , . Just no? Dr. Whale: He's waking up now. What was the moment that Vlade felt that his friendship with Drazen ended? You owe me that. The moment Gerhardt looks up to him Victor lowers the pistol. We're past it. (adjusts the medal) Mr. Gold: (Thinks for a minute, then shakes Cora's hand.) (Screen zooms into view of the wrecked strangers car) There's a car pretty banged up withPennsylvania plates. He winces in discomfort, before trying again. (Mr. Gold turns to face the box from Cora, and opens it. David: Quiet, Leroy. Mr. Gold watches Belle lying in a hospital bed. Now, let's see. Following a matchup versus Divac, Draen fell on the floor expecting a foul and Divac stepped on him. (On the other side of the door, Regina is in a hidden chamber) Hello? Ruby: Boozy. When you cried over my coffin it it all changed. David: He's going to make it? testify for you once you're dead? The Doctor. I know Divac and I think he was very earnest about the things he said in the movie. (Ruby sniffs at Dr. Whale's lab coat, trying to pick up the scent) The duo played together on the Yugoslavia national basketball team from 1986 to 1990 and were at one time close friends, but the Yugoslav Wars drove them apart emotionally, as they came from opposing sides. And- let us live. So instead of trying to get him outta here, you better be hoping he dies, because if he doesn't, he's gonna be driving tour buses up and down Main Street. May I have it back? The project's latest film, Once Brothers, chronicles the friendship and eventual falling-out of Vlade Divac and one-time Trail Blazer Drazen Petrovic, teammates on the legendary late-1980s Yugoslavian national team that also included Toni Kukoc and Dino Radja, who stayed close as they transitioned into the NBA but grew estranged as a civil war He killed my love. There are a million possible combinations. (Ruby heads off) We're going to send this guy back home with bolts in his neck. And then a . (Gerhardt shakes his present a little. Emma: Back to life?! (Alphonse turns back at Gerhardt. Alice the Platypus Can't Remember 7. Cute. I don't wanna think about the damage those two could do together. So when - when can I head home? (David shakes his head) In the Doghouse/Transcript. (Emma pulls up in the sheriff car with David in the front passenger seat and Mary Margaret in the back seat) Shh. ; The Fall of Lehman Brothers Economics - 60 min - 7.34 On September 15, 2008, the firm filed for Chapter 11. That was the end in Draen's eyes". Mary Margaret: We'll be right here, then. Mary Margaret: Leaving? Long buried ethnic tensions surfaced. NBAE has enjoyed a successful history of working in the film and entertainment industry, enlisting a roster of renowned artists as narrators for its documentaries: Academy Award winners Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker; Academy Award nominees Samuel L. Jackson, Terrence Howard and Djimon Hounsou; and Grammy Award winners Justin Timberlake and Chris Rock. The film's first ever public showing took place on 10 October 2010 at the Hamptons International Film Festival. Or Greg. Hook: I hurt his heart. Download Free Trending Scripts . His name is Greg Mendell. ''What the hell are you talking about?'' He says, ''The U. S. A. (Regina leans in to rest her head on Cora's shoulder) I will still save you. David: Now maybe things can calm down for ten minutes, and we can catch our breath. We'll watch Hook and figure out options if Whale doesn't come back To all of us on those national team rosters, Draenwho was a bit older and had already been playing abroad in Real Madridwas an idol. (growing desperate) I charmed it. A war broke out between Petrovic's Croatia and Divac's Serbia. Belle: It's damaged. Please. Ned the Wombat's Scary Night 8. If I had to pick dead guy of the year, I'd pick you. (The phone stops vibrating) Let me into your heart. Emma: Here. David: We can worry about the town later. New documentaries straight to your inbox. We don't let go of people. But it's feeble, neglected stuff. Gerhardt. Had hoped you were dead, but hey disappointment's just part of life. . He crouches down on the floor taking his head in his hands. Of course not. The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom brought together the nations most prominent civil rights leaders, along with tens of thousands of marchers, to press the United States . We don't wanna keep you. 'We were . Victor: (shakes his head) No, not magic. Greg: I was texting. Ned the Wombat the Policeman 10. And after I brought you a gift. They are considered "spoilery" for those who did not watch the specific episode and can be read to catch up. Written by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Based on a story by Ferrell, McKay, and John C. Reilly. Cora: Determination. Maybe Cora grabbed him for some reason. Mary Margaret: All right, then. Mr. Gold: No, No. Required fields are marked *. Gold hesitates and David forces him away from Hook) (To the ambulance) Over here! Once Brothers is a 2010 sports documentary film written and directed by Michael Tolajian. But everybody just thinks it's the name of a monster. (Dr. Whale enters.) It aired alongside another episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 entitled "Misadventure of Mighty Plumber" on October 13, 1990. I missed you so much when- I have to let you know, I had nothing to do with Archie. Belle: How did you do that? Granny wouldn't tell me anything. David: (shouting) Get him out of here! Draen retaliated by cursing him out severely and that's how their "great" friendship ended. Belle: Okay, here. Participants in the film include: Toni Kuko, Dino Raa, arko Paspalj, Clyde Drexler, Danny Ainge, Rick Adelman, Kenny Anderson, Derrick Coleman, Bill Fitch, Larry Bird, Jan Hubbard, Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Aleksandar Petrovi, Biserka Petrovi, etc. Hunting Ground 16. You'll join the Mobile 34 as their camp physician. I can make you hurt. Victor: Well, you're a little late. Mrs johnstone He told me i was sexier than marilyn monroe And we went dancing We went dancing. Emma: Here, let me try. It's an honor. Besides forming a great combination on the court, Drazen and I also shared a strong friendship. I still look at all people with common sense from former Yugoslavia as my brothers and sisters. And that's it. Henry: I know. - You never had any guts. Gerhardt: Yes, of course. You're not my son! Alphonse: To the Frankensteins. Mr. Gold: I can if you let me go. "What the hell are you talking about?" Rumplestiltskin, who watched the scene hidden behind some bushes, steps out of his den. The real reason they fell out was the game during which they had a hustle situation going after a loose ball, Draen fell on the floor and Divac stomped on him with his shoe. Educated Guess 9. Mary Margaret: What went on here while we were gone? Every time I try to save a life, someone else dies. (pointing at Gerhardt) He's a monster! Once Brothers, part of ESPNs 30 for 30 series, chronicles the relationship between Vlade Divac and Draen Petrovi, two players from the former Yugoslavia who played in the National Basketball Association of America. (Victor doesn't reply)No? A heart for your brother. It wasn't like that! Script The following transcript is owned by Paramount and is an exception to The Loud House Encyclopedia's CC-BY-SA license. Jets shot down two small planes operated by Brothers to the Rescue. When she pulls her hand back, he relaxes and sighs.) Academic Course Schedule ), Emma: Where's Cora? David: He was not looking so good earlier. And these two men, once brothers, were now on opposite sides of a deadly civil war. ( Please Note: These need to be cleaned/edited to look nice, please help us. I'm so sorry. David: Got the scent? Mary Margaret and Belle: What? (Hook attempts to get up, but he is handcuffed to the bed.) Victor: Gerhardt. Founded in 1982 as the definitive visual archive of the NBA's history, NBAE's growth can be attributed to a simple philosophy: to tell compelling stories about the game of pro basketball and the people it touches. Victor: Yes. Emma: You hurt Belle. 50 terms. The 2019 documentary Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band tells the guitarist's side of things and is for the most part a lush chronicle of one of America's, well, and Canada's . When you purchase a ticket for an . (Mr. Gold leaves the room. Tales From The Underworld: A Knight With Cruella. Divac and his former Yugoslavian teammates express all of the obstacles that are in the way for a foreign-born player, including style of play, language and the lack of belief by others that they could actually cut it in the NBA". Victor: (short-tempered) Could you get out of my light, (restraining himself) please? , . The overall narrative structure of the previous screenplay remains intact, though the tone is now much more satirical than comedic. (Alphonse pushes Victor away from him) You're a ghoul and a grave robber! Regina: I don't care. (He attempts to move again, tugging at his handcuff, but it is clearly too painful.) Find someone? Gerhardt: Igor told me that I'd find you here. Ruby: Ten thousand. Bring back Dr. Frankenstein. Emma: Let's try not to overreact. (She places a plastic bag containing Greg's belongings on the table) So, Mr. Mendell, I wanna talk to you about the accident. Director Daniel Roher Writer Daniel Roher Stars The Band (archive footage) Robbie Robertson Bruce Springsteen See production, box office & company info I am so sorry. Father was wrong. Please report to the ER. Street Revenge 20. I can do better. Once Brothers will tell the gripping tale of these two men, how circumstances beyond their control tore apart their friendship, and whether Divac has ever come to terms with the death of a friend before they had a chance to reconcile. 0. My boy. I need to find someone, so were leaving today. (Alphonse approaches Gerhardt with the candle. Silence destroyed our whole family. Emma: We weren't sure if Doctor Frankenstein could fix him, but he did. Jacob and Andrew are brothers and both are scriptwriters for different fields. Why are my instincts telling my that's a bad thing? Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! The Office. (The beeping sound is coming from a laundry basket with dirty scrubs. Kyle Phillips | The Transcript. Emma looks through it, the beeping becoming more intense. I did this for you, too, Father! Told you. Nurse: No. Ruby: (smiles) You did it. Emma: No, no charges. It's got nothing to do with you, okay. David: Nothing. Hook: I've no idea where Cora is. Once Brothers will tell the gripping tale of these two men, how circumstances beyond their control tore apart their friendship, and whether Divac has ever come to terms with the death of a friend before they had a chance to reconcile.